Why are People Unique? Introducing a New Brain Window

The way the human brain works is amazing; it powers all aspects of our creativity and mental processes.

However, the general organization of the human neocortex, a part of the brain in charge of certain cognitive abilities, is comparable to that of other mammals.

The University of Queensland, The Mater Hospital, and the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital found that changes in neuron structure and function may improve the brain's processing ability.

The electrical properties of human neocortical pyramidal neurons embedded in their neural networks have been studied, according to Professor Stephen Williams of UQ's Queensland Brain Institute (QBI).

According to our research, rat and human neocortical pyramidal neurons share certain basic biophysical characteristics.

However, we found that human neocortical pyramidal neurons had dramatically improved computational function.

This elaboration of the dendritic tree in humans was accompanied by dendritic spikes at several places, which actively spread across the cell to drive each neuron's output signals.

The use of such insights opens the door to a good understanding of how diseases disturb the electrical activity of the human brain.

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