Warning Popular Vitamin Supplement Raises the Risk of Cancer and Brain Metastasis

Researchers at the University of Missouri discovered how nicotinamide riboside supplements work inside the body.

The discovery was made using bioluminescent imaging techniques to study it.

Commercial dietary supplements, such as a form of vitamin B3, were linked in previous studies to benefits related to cardiovascular, neurological health.

New research from Missouri has found that NR may actually increase the risk of serious illness, including the development of cancer.

Scientists discovered that high levels of NR may increase a person's risk of developing triple-negative breast cancer.

The international team of researchers was led by Elena Gaon, an associate professor of chemistry at MU and corresponding author on the study.

She said that once cancer reaches the brain, the consequences are fatal as no viable treatment options exist at this time.

"Some people take them because they automatically believe that vitamins and supplements have only positive health benefits.

But very little is known about how they actually work," Gaon said, attributing this lack of knowledge.

We were inspired to study basic questions about how vitamins and supplements work in the body.

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