Tomato Gratin-Pomodori Gratinati

Savoring Italy

Tomato gratin is a great dish for summer barbecues or dinners. We ate them nearly every summer time when we're in Italy at a friend's grillato (barbecue). They're great hot right out of the oven, or at room temperature

Important information – Prep Time: 20 min – Servings: 16 – Type: Italian

Ingredients – Tomatoes – garlic – Bread crumbs – bread (any bread will work for this; however, I preferred the Sourdough) – Fresh parsley – Fresh basil – extra-virgin olive oil – sea salt

What is a Gratin? – A gratin dish is one that can be made by baking or broiled an oven-proof dish or pan with a topping of breadcrumbs, cheese (or both). The topping is crisp as it bakes. The word "cake" is derived of the French verb gratiner, which refers to "to broil

Recipe Tips and FAQ's – Can I prepare this recipe ahead of time? – Yes, you can prepare your gratin topping ahead time and also prepare the tomatoes. Make sure to assemble before baking. – What can I do to conserve any leftovers? – Keep leftovers inside an airtight container and keep them in the refrigerator. – How do I heat any leftovers? – The leftovers can be enjoyed cold. You can also heat leftovers in an oven that is warm

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