Tomato Gratin - Pomodori Gratinati

Tomato gratin is a great dish to serve for summer barbecues and dinners. We ate them nearly every summer time when we're in Italy at a grillato (barbecue). They're delicious hot from the oven, or at in room temperature

Important information – SERVINGS: 16 – PREP 20 minutes – TIME TYPE: Italian

INGREDIENTS – tomatoes – garlic – Bread crumb – bread (and bread ) would be a good choice bread, too), but I – made use of for a Sourdough) – Fresh parsley – Fresh basil – extra-virgin olive oil – sea salt

What is what is Gratin? – A gratin dish is one which is cooked or baked in a shallow dish or pan with the topping of breadcrumbs or cheese (or both). The topping is crisp as it bakes. The word "gratin" is derived of the French verb gratiner that is a reference to "to grill

RECIPE TIPS, FAQ'S, AND RECIPE TIPS – Do I have to prepare this dish in advance? – Yes, you can prepare for the filling of your gratin ahead time. You can also prepare the tomatoes. Put it all together before baking. – How can I keep any leftovers? – Remaining food items should be stored within an airtight storage container and keep them in the refrigerator. – What can I do to reheat leftovers? – It is possible to enjoy leftovers cold. It is also possible to reheat the leftovers in the oven in a warm temperature

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