Sourdough Discard Challah Buns

Sourdough Throw away You use your sourdough starter to make challah buns. Dark chocolate chips are scattered throughout these oh-so-soft buns. These lovely buns, which have a little sourdough flavor, are excellent for breakfast or an afternoon coffee break

Information of importance – Cook Time: 20 min – SERVINGS: 18 – PREP TIME: 20 mins – TYPE: Italian Challah

INGREDIENTS – one packet Active dry yeast, 2 1/4 teaspoons For this recipe, I used Red Star Yeast Platinum. – 1 cup of heated water (maximum 110°F/43°C) – 1/8 cup sugar – 5 12 to 6 cups of bleached all-purpose flour or 412 to 5 cups of bread flour Depending on the flour brand, you may need more or less. – Sea salt, two tablespoons – sugar, 1/3 cup – 3 eggs 1/4 cup canola, peanut, or corn oil – 1 cup of unfed sourdough starter should be discarded. – 1 cup chips of dark chocolate – Using egg wash: – 1 egg – 1 teaspoon sugar – one teaspoon of water

Describe the challah bread. – Jewish bread known as challah is customarily consumed on the Sabbath and even during significant Jewish holidays. It is a bread made without dairy, and when prepared properly, it might be regarded as kosher

RECIPE GUIDELINES AND FAQs – Which type of flour is ideal for making challah bread? – Both bread flour and all-purpose flour are options. I frequently utilise my all-purpose flour when I am out of bread flour. Remember that any wheat with a high gluten content will result in a dough that stretches nicely. For this recipe, either bread flour or all-purpose flour will work based on the challahs I've cooked

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