Pumpkin and Turkey Pasta Recipe

INGREDIENTS – Olive oil extra virgin, two tablespoons – minced 1 medium onion (sweet, white or red onion is fine) – a half-pound of fresh, cut mushrooms – You might use ground chicken or turkey sausage for 1 pound of ground turkey (removed from casing) – 1 cup of pureed pumpkin, not pie filling – 0.5 cups of white wine or extra low-sodium chicken broth – 1 fresh rosemary sprig save a few leaves for garnishing. – 1 cup of chicken broth with reduced sodium I utilised home-made broth (or vegetable broth) – freshly ground cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon – 1/8 nutmeg teaspoon – sea salt, one teaspoon – 1/8 tsp. freshly ground pepper – Rigatoni pasta, 1 lb.

Important information – Cook Time: 34 min – SERVINGS: 4 – PREP TIME: 10 mins – TYPE: Dinner

Creamy and tasty pasta made with pumpkin and turkey. made with fresh herbs, toasty spices, mushrooms, and ground turkey. This hearty pasta dish is creamy, rich, and bursting with comforting fall flavors.

With pumpkin spaghetti sauce, what type of pasta works best? – Any short pasta would go nicely with the sauce; however, I served my pumpkin pasta sauce with rigatoni.

TIPS FOR COOKING AND FAQs – How should pumpkin and turkey pasta be stored? – After the pasta has cooled, store the leftovers in the fridge in an airtight container or a zipped freezer bag. Pasta can remain fresh for up to three days

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