Pan dei Morti- Bread of the Dead Cookies

INGREDIENTS – 100 g raisins – 1 cup of dates or dried figs – 112 cups toasted and ground hazelnuts or almonds – 12 cup orange juice, Nocino, or another Italian liqueur – 2 cups of general-purpose flour – Baking powder, two teaspoons – unsweetened cocoa powder, half a cup – 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder – 12 teaspoon of nutmeg, ground – two cups of ground lady fingers – 1 cup of amaretti cookies, ground – 12-cups of sugar – 5 eggs 2 whole eggs, 3 yolks – For dusting, use 1 teaspoon of vanilla confectioner's sugar

Information of importance – Cook Time: 15 min – SERVINGS: 36 cookies – PREP TIME: 15 mins – TYPE: Italian Dessert

a firm, crunchy, and flavorful cookie that is typical of Italian fall baking. On All Souls Day, people in Italy eat this biscuit, which differs depending on the location, to honor loved ones who have passed away. The Lombardy area of Italy is known for this specific Pan dei Morti dish

How do you bake cookies that look like dead bones? (Pan dei Morti, Bread of the Dead) – You must first grind the almonds. Put the wine-soaked dried fruit in. – The sugar, vanilla, and eggs are combined. – The dry ingredients should be mixed in a different basin. – The dry and wet components, as well as the Italian liqueur (if using), should all be combined. – Refresh the dough. – Roll the dough into logs, cut the long log in half, and then chop it into smaller portions when it is ready to bake. – Trim each piece to a length and width of about 3 inches. On the first baking sheet, arrange them in a line with some room between them. Continue with the other portions of the dough. Lightly press down on each cookie to help them hold their shapes (the dough can be messy). – For around 15 minutes, bake. Sprinkle confectioners' sugar over

TIPS FOR COOKING AND FAQs – This pan dei morti is from what region of Italy? – This recipe is a native of the Lombardy region (where my in-laws live). It is known as oss de mord in Lombard. – Which nations consume Bones of the Dead Sweets, cookies with an almond flavor? – Only for All Souls Day (the Italian holiday known as the Day of the Dead), bakers sell the cookies known as "bones of the dead" (ossa di morto) (and many other countries, like Spain)

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