New Navigation System Has 10 Centimeter Accuracy, More Accurate Than GPS

Researchers have developed an alternative positioning system that is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings.

An alternative positioning system more robust and accurate than GPS has been developed by researchers, especially in urban settings.

The working prototype demonstrating this new mobile network infrastructure achieved an accuracy of 10 centimeters.

These days, much of our critical infrastructure relies on global navigation satellite systems such as GPS (USA) and Galileo.

Yet these navigation systems that rely on satellites have significant limitations and vulnerabilities.

When received on Earth, their radio signals are weak, and precise positioning is not possible when radio signals are reflected or blocked by buildings

"This could make GPS unreliable in urban settings," says Christiaan Tiberius of Delft University of Technology and coordinator of the project.

Citizens and our officials actually rely on GPS for many location-based applications and navigation tools.

A project named SuperGPS was started with the goal of developing an alternative positioning system.

Which uses mobile telecommunications networks instead of satellites and can be more accurate and reliable than GPS.

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