NASA Simulates an Asteroid Impact Catastrophe, and it Fails Miserably

According to American, NASA, along with many other federal, state, and local organizations battled an asteroid impact over Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

The scenario shows that an asteroid with a diameter of 70 m was detected shortly before it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

The asteroid would explode eight miles above the city with the force of a 10-megaton nuclear bomb.

The explosion would devastate the city and surrounding areas and cause thousands of casualties.

First, a catastrophic space rock will be too late to be detected in a few days, a few weeks, even, possibly, a few months.

Which is heading towards the Earth for a deep impact. No means exist to stop a killer asteroid at that point.

Even the science-fiction movie method of launching a nuclear weapon at it would only make the problem worse.

To form many smaller radioactive rocks from a large rock, to fall over a wide area.

NASA's recent Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) mission that changed the path of a distant asteroid was a major success.

However, DART took five years to plan and implement. We need a system for diverting asteroids that can essentially launch on-demand.

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