Migliaccio-Italian Ricotta and Semolina Cake

Migliaccio, or Italian ricotta cake, is a classic dessert served at Carnevale in the weeks leading up to Easter

This custard-filled treat originated in Naples and is named migliaccio because it is originally made from miglio (millet)

Which is an ancient whole grain grown in various regions around the world

Ingredients for Migliaccio-Italian Ricotta and Semolina Cake – 1 liter whole milk – 3.5 tbsp (50 g) unsalted butter – pinch of salt – 1 vanilla bean seedless, see note – peel of 1 lemon – peel of 1 orange – 1 1/3 cups + 1 Tbsp (250 grams) semolina – 6 large eggs – 1 1/3 cups ricotta – 1 1/2 cups (310 grams) granulated sugar – 2 tablespoons limoncello optional – powdered sugar for dusting

Servings - 10, Preparation time - 10 mins, Cooking time - 1 hour 15 mins, Calories - 402 kcal

This can be expensive and difficult to find, so cakes were made from semolina. Technically, it is a semolina cake

Migliaccio mimics the flavor of Pastiera Napoletana, with lemon, orange and vanilla as some of the key ingredients. However, this is very little work

frequently Asked question – Is Semolina the Same as Cornmeal? – No, semolina and cornmeal are not the same thing. Cornmeal is made from corn, while semolina is made from durum wheat. – How can it be stored? – In the fridge: The cake can be stored in the fridge or freezer with some kind of cover like a saran wrap. – How is semolina different from flour? – The durum wheat used to make semolina is thicker than regular flour.

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