Easy Apple Cider Gin Cocktail- Perfect Fall Recipe

INGREDIENTS – Gin, 4 ounces, dry – Apple cider, 4 ounces – 1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice – 1 1/2 ounces of either honey or maple syrup – 12 milliliters of soda water – 1 cinnamon stick – Apple slices or a lemon twist as garnish

Important Details – 2 SERVINGS – READY IN 10 MINUTES – Type: Autumnal recipe

The ideal balance of sweetness and tartness is present in apple gin cocktails. can be prepared in advance for any festive gathering. This smooth and warm cocktail pulls together quickly using items you already have on hand and gin. Simple to adjust to your preferences

The following are some ways to serve an Apple Gin Cocktail: Serving your cocktail on ice is all that is required. Your beverage is poured over the ice, where it remains chilled (but will dilute as the ice melts)

Directly: When you serve your cocktail, you shake or whisk it with ice before straining it into the cocktail glass. The beverage is cold, but it doesn't stay that way. Drinks will soon become heated if you simply take sips of them

TIPS FOR COOKING AND FAQs – Can I make this a mocktail using apples? – This apple cider drink is simple to create without booze! – Simply omit the gin is all that is required. It might be replaced with sparkling cider. Be careful not to shake it if you do add in something sparkly that isn't alcoholic. – How is an apple cider cocktail prepared? – It is entirely up to you how you choose to proceed

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