Dubai Police Highlights the Rules for Football Supporters During FIFA World Cup

The thousands of football fans who will support their teams at the World Cup from the emirate have received instructions from Dubai Police.

During the tournament in Qatar, many tourists want to base permanently in the UAE, and hundreds of locations have been prepared to host more visitors than normal

Enjoy our tolerant and welcoming city and engage with our vibrant global community, the Dubai Police wrote on Twitter.

Fans have been advised to respect other people's privacy while taking photographs and films and to refrain from drinking alcohol in public places like the street, a mall, or a hotel lobby.

Additionally, to make it simpler for the police to locate missing belongings, travelers are advised to record the registration information of any cabs they take or keep the receipt.

Among the locations getting ready to host large events are Dubai Harbour, the Coca-Cola Arena, DIFC, and the fan city at Expo City Dubai.

The police advice also included a list of crucial phone numbers to dial in case of an emergency, such as 997 for fires or 998 for the ambulance service. People can dial 901 in non-emergency circumstances.

In order to access services, people may either go to the closest Smart Police Station and use a kiosk there, or they can download the Dubai Police app to their smartphones.

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