Cherry Tomato Confit

Savoring Italy

Slow-roasted Cherry Tomato Confit is the ideal method to keep the summer flavors. Every bite of these colorful tomato jewels is packed with sweet, delicate flavor and a hint of Unami. They'll be topping every dish! Whole30-compliant, paleo-compliant and gluten-free

Important information – Cook Time: 40 min – Servings: 4 – Type: French

Ingredients – Cherry Tomatoes – extra-virgin olive oil – garlic cloves – basil leaves (or any other fresh herb like oregano, thyme, oregano) – sea salt

In essence, tomato confit is slow-cooking cherry tomatoes over a heavy, extra virgin olive oil with fresh herbs and garlic cloves. The fruity sweetness of the olive oil is blended with the sweet flavor of slow roasting of the tomato confit, along with fresh herb, and garlic

RECIPE VARIATIONS – Tomatoes: It all started with the stunning rainbow cherry tomatoes that I discovered at Costco (I know they sell the same in Walmart). However, any cherry tomato are perfect. You can even make use of plum tomatoes or other varieties of heirloom tomatoes. – Oil: We used the oil we had on hand and that's an Sicilian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. It is possible to use any type of olive oil that you have at hand in the pantry. – Fresh herbs such as fresh herbs like thyme, basil or sage. – Spice: You could definitely spice this recipe up and make it spicy! I kept it simple because the kids were eating it

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