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Broccoli Scacciata is an authentic Sicilian pie that is savoury and made of the thinnest pizza dough packed with onions, broccoli tomatoes, olives, and other vegetables. It is baked until it has the crispest and most delicious crust. Ideal for lunch, dinner or even as an appetizer

Important information – Prep Time: 90 min – Servings: 12 – Type: Sicilian

Ingredients For the dough – Bread flour – Instant dry yeast – Sea salt – Water – Extra-virgin olive oil To fill it – Broccoli – Sea salt – Onion (I have used sweet onions however; you can use any onion you have in your fridge) – Cherry tomatoes, cut into halves (or any other tomatoes that you might have available) – Garlic (optional) – Extra-virgin olive oil

What are the origins of the Sicilian scacciata? – A Scacciata is a Sicilian dish that originated in Catania, Sicily (which is approximately two hours from the place where my dad grew up) and has a long-standing history. – It was first introduced around the 17th century, and it was served at the House of Paterno Castello. The simple scacciata was made as a meal for peasants that was filled with whatever food items were available

Recipe Tips and FAQ's – Can I prepare this recipe ahead of time? – You can prepare your filling in advance of time. Make the dough before you're ready. Mix it up before baking. – What should I do with any leftovers? – Keep leftovers in an airtight jar in fridge for up to three days. – What can I do to reheat leftovers? – You can also enjoy the leftovers cold. It is also possible to reheat your leftovers by placing them in a hot oven for about 10 minutes

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