Berry Crumble Bars for Vegans

These gluten-free vegan berry crumble bars are loaded with luscious berries. The crumble component of these simple to prepare bars is made from the same oat foundation. Delectable for dessert, a nutritious snack, or breakfast

Important details 1. 35 minutes for cooking 2. 16 servings 3. Ten minutes to prepare. 4. Type: Vegan

INGREDIENTS 1. Traditional rolled oats 2. Baking flour without gluten 3. Brown sugar in a bag 4. 2 Sea salt 5. Melted butter (I used Earth Balance Vegan sticks) 6. Vanilla essence 7. Strawberries 8. raspberries 9. blueberries 10. Pure sugar 11. lemon 12. cornstarch

Can fresh berries be swapped out for frozen ones in these crumbled bars? 1. If the fresh fruit season has passed, you may substitute frozen berries. But I like the feeling of filling with fresh berries more

 Could I make these bars with different fruits? 1. I really enjoy baking them with berries, especially fresh ones, but feel free to substitute apples, peaches, or even plums

How should berry crumble bars be stored? 1. We strongly advise keeping the bars in the fridge. The first day, you could leave it out on the counter (cover the pan with aluminum foil