Almond Butter Skillet Brownie

This Almond Butter Skillet Brownie is so fudgy and rich, you'd never know it's completely gluten-free and flour-free

Prepare ice cream and a few spoonfuls—the skillet brownie was made for digging in.

The best part about this recipe is that you can make and bake it in an oven-safe skillet.

Ingredients for Almond Butter Skillet Brownie – 1 cup almond butter (the natural kind works best) – 3/4 cup Domino's Golden Sugar (or regular granulated sugar) – 1/4 cup milk (any dairy or plant milk works - I used almond) – 2 large eggs – 1 tsp vanilla extract – 1/3 cup cocoa powder – 1/4 tsp espresso powder – 1/2 tsp baking soda – 1/2 tsp salt – 1/2 cup chopped dark chocolate (or chocolate chips), plus extra for sprinkling

Servings - 8, Prep time - 15 mins, Cooking time - 25 mins, Type-brownies

If you don't have an oven-safe skillet, you can mix the batter in a bowl and then bake in an 8×8-inch square pan.

Add at least 5 minutes to the baking time to compensate for a thicker brownie

Store any leftovers covered in the fridge for up to a week. Reheat individual servings in the microwave

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