3 Ingredient Easy Apple Cider mosa

INGREDIENTS – 1 ounce of dark rum or brandy (optional) – apple cider, 1 cup – half a cup of chilled champagne sparkling wine such as Prosecco – garnished with apple slices and fresh lemon juice – How to Rim Glasses: – 2 tablespoons of sugar, granulated – 1 teaspoon of pumpkin spice or ground cinnamon – Further apple cider

Important Details – 2 SERVINGS – READY IN 10 MINUTES – Type: Autumnal recipe

A cozy autumnal spin on a standard brunch cocktail is an apple cider mimosa. This beverage is ideal for Thanksgiving or any special dinner because it is full of apple flavor, has lots of glitter, and a hint of cinnamon sugar. incredibly easy to prepare and tasty! This has two uses

Can I create apple cider mimosas without alcohol

Yes! It will be completely alcohol-free and still wonderful if the brandy is left out and non-alcoholic sparkling wine is used

TIPS FOR COOKING AND FAQs – What alcoholic beverages go well with apple cider? – Dark alcoholic beverages like rum, whiskey, bourbon, and brandy pair incredibly well with apple cider. Even tequila or vodka are OK. – Which champagne makes the finest mimosa ingredient? – Depending on your preferences and financial situation. Another option is an Italian Prosecco (a sparkling wine from the Veneto region of Italy). They provide some extremely excellent price ranges (especially the Costco brand, if you are a member there). I usually use what I have on hand, and Prosecco is something we almost always have

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