The simplest chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made, in all seriousness. One bowl, melted butter, no mixer, no chilling Every time, baked cookies are chewy and soft.

Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter

My go-to recipe for chocolate chip cookies has been around for a while. since I was 12, essentially. Not at all like that.

It’s better now.

Everybody enjoys homemade chocolate chip cookies, but there is disagreement over the best recipe.

Since you’re reading this, I’m going to assume that you’re not one of those folks for whom that topic may not even be pertinent — i.e., why would you bother debating about it when we could have scooped pre-made dough out of a Toll House tub and baked it by now.

How to create a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe

I have read quite a bit about chocolate chip cookies. They appear straightforward but require the development of intricate flavours and can be very demanding.

The authors of the recipes have recommended using bread flour because of its higher protein content (and consequently better chewiness), adding an extra yolk for richer flavour, browning the butter (because, ok, brown butter is delicious), chilling the dough for two days to build more flavour, substituting super-expensive chopped dark chocolate for chocolate chips so it melts throughout, adding cornstarch to keep cookies thick, and experimenting with different ratios of brown sugar to white sugar for optimal results.

I could go on, but doesn’t it seem like such a simple, well-known cookie shouldn’t be so difficult to make?

But the issues don’t end there.

Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter

Once you’ve chosen a recipe, there is a process that must be followed precisely in order for your cookies to turn out well.

blending sugar and soft butter (but not too soft). For a set period of time, at a specific speed. adding one (or two? ), naturally room-temperature eggs (because everyone thinks that far ahead).

You should only add the right amount of flour and avoid overmixing to avoid overdeveloping the gluten and making your cookies overly dense. Depending on your recipe, chill the dough for an hour, two hours, or even two days. rolling and scooping tiny, exact mounds.

The fact that most chocolate chip cookie recipes yield SO MANY cookies is my other main complaint about them. I don’t know about you, but I dislike having to constantly removing baking sheets from the oven for 45 minutes when I only need 3–4 dozen cookies from a single recipe.

There are only so many places in a small apartment to store cooling cookies. Even though I recognise that it’s not a very bad issue to have,

All of this serves to explain that one night I had a serious cookie hunger (as one does) but I really didn’t want to go through the hassle described above. I just needed some chewy, soft cookies right away.

So I divided my regular recipe in half, ignored caution, melted the butter, combined everything in one bowl with a fork, and hoped for the best. They weren’t the best I’d ever had, but they weren’t bad either, to be honest. They didn’t suffer in the way I had anticipated, but they did spread more than I would have liked.

I thus began experimenting.

Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter

I adjusted the brown sugar to white sugar ratio and added flour to balance out the moisture from the melted butter, just as the obnoxious recipe authors I stated earlier. Because salt contrasts the richness of the chocolate so beautifully, I upped the amount.

And after a few rounds of testing (poor us), I developed what I believe to be the simplest homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Here’s why these chocolate chip cookies are the simplest to make:

There is no need to wait for butter to soften because you use melted butter.
No mixer is required; just a bowl and some stirring.
You’re highly unlikely to over-mix the dough because you’re stirring by hand (a common cookie problem).
There are just 20 cookies in the recipe. No need to wait an hour for all of your cookies to bake.

It hasn’t failed me yet despite the fact that I’ve made it at least five times under various temperature and time conditions. To be honest, that’s more than I can say about the majority of cookie recipes I’ve tried.

For her birthday, I sent my buddy Colleen a plate of them, and the following day, she texted me saying, “These are the BEST DAMN COOKIES I’VE EVER HAD!!!”

Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter

Typical Questions

Why did my cookies overspread? or inadequately?
This entirely depends on how much or how little flour there is, as well as how you measure it. The most consistent results will be obtained by using a kitchen scale to weigh your flour. But if you don’t want to, you can measure flour precisely by using a level and a spoon. When you have filled your cup with flour all the way to the top, level it off with a knife. Avoid packing it in, shaking the cup to settle it, and scooping flour into the cup directly from the bag as this will result in too much flour and improper cookie spreading.

My cookie dough appears to be wet. Can I add additional flour?
To begin with, be sure to add the entire 1 and 1/2 cups of flour! The dough need to be a tiny bit softer than regular cookie dough. If you believe the dough to be significantly more liquid than that, toss in an additional 2 or 3 tablespoons of flour before chilling it for 30 minutes before scooping and baking. This ought to resolve the issue! You don’t want the cookies to be too dry, so try not to add too much flour.

What kind of flour must I to employ?
All-purpose flour from Bob’s Red Mill is what I often use, although I also enjoy King Arthur Flour. Be aware that until the mixture reaches the consistency of cookie dough, you will need to add extra flour, up to 1/4 cup or 30 grammes more, if you use White Lily or a comparable soft, lower protein wheat flour. This is because harder, higher protein wheat flours absorb more moisture than lower protein wheat flours, which are used to make light, fluffy biscuits and cakes. Your cookies will still be great; they just need a small modification!

Can the recipe be doubled?
Yes, however instead of doubling the ingredients in one dish, I advise preparing two distinct batches. This is because doubling the ingredients in one bowl doubles the volume but not the surface area, which causes the dough to retain more heat and results in flat, spread-out cookies. Due to this, I advise creating two separate batches; however, if you feel compelled to double everything in one bowl, I advise chilling the dough for at least an hour before scooping.


  • 1/2 cup salted butter (113g; 1 stick)
  • 12 cup packed brown sugar (100g)
  • 14 cup of white granulated sugar (50g)
  • One big egg (cold or room temperature, both are fine)
  • Vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • Salt, 1/2 teaspoon
  • All-purpose flour, 1 1/2 cups (188g – see notes below on how to measure flour correctly without a scale)
  • chocolate chips, half a cup (85g; more if desired)
  • Sea salt that is coarse for sprinkling (optional)
Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter


Set the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Using parchment paper, line two cookie sheets.

Heat the butter in a medium-sized microwave-safe bowl (or a small stovetop pot) until it is just melted. The two sugars should be properly mixed after being added (I like to use a fork as my whisk). After one minute of cooling, add the egg and vanilla essence and whisk until combined.

Add the flour and whisk until just mixed and a smooth dough is produced. Sprinkle the baking soda and salt on top of the mixture and stir them in. Add the chocolate chunks and stir.

On cookie sheets, distribute the dough by heaping rounded teaspoons (if you have one, a #40 tablespoon cookie scoop works great for this). About 20 cookies should be made from the dough.

If preferred, top the cookies with more coarse sea salt (you may even do this after they’ve baked). 9 to 10 minutes of baking. The cookies initially appear underdone, but as they cool, they will firm up.

Cookies should cool on the baking sheet for at least five minutes before finishing cooling on a rack. For up to 5 days, keep tightly wrapped at room temperature.

Easiest Chocolate Chip Cookies with Melted Butter


From my sea salt chocolate chip cookies, this recipe was created.

Important note regarding measuring flour: For optimum results, measure your flour or follow the “spoon and level” approach rather than scooping flour into your measuring cup straight from the bag. Scooping flour from the bag results in a packed, heavier cup that will hinder the cookies from spreading as they should, whereas the spoon and level method yields a lighter cup of flour. See my notes in the recipe’s header!

Cookies and cookie dough can be frozen for up to three months if they are well-wrapped in plastic and placed in freezer bags. To serve, just defrost for an hour at room temperature or reheat for 30 seconds in the microwave. Cookie dough can also be scooped onto a flat surface, such as a plate or baking sheet, then frozen for an hour before baking. Following that, put frozen cookie dough balls in a freezer-safe bag so you may bake them whenever the urge strikes! Bake frozen foods at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 12 minutes, or 14 minutes if you prefer them to be crispy on the outside.

I advise creating two separate batches rather than doubling the ingredients in one bowl if you want to double the recipe. This is because doubling the ingredients in one bowl doubles the volume but not the surface area, which causes the dough to retain more heat and results in flat, spread-out cookies. Due to this, I advise creating two separate batches; however, if you feel compelled to double everything in one bowl, I advise chilling the dough for at least an hour before scooping.

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